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Live their adventure between Bordeaux and Madrid

DJANGO ADVENTURE : Second step step


The Django Adventure 2017 goes on! It’s now time for Clémence and Lisa to discover the mythic region of South-Western France and the iconic city of Bordeaux. They started with a meeting with the startup Nabuco specialized into connecting wine makers and wine lovers through wine tasting. A great way to discover the gastronomic treasures of Bordeaux region before heading back to the road towards Arcachon. On the way they had a chance to ride the the dune of Pilat and by the cute summer house of Clémence


Despite a moody weather and some rain, Clémence and Lisa full of excitement and enthusiasm made their way to Mimizan in the afternoon. They discovered the charming hotel L’Atlantique where they met with their owners who did not hesitate to show them around the property


Following a good night of sleep both our riders took the road again riding their Django Scooters. Once they reached Bayonne they stopped by the Peugeot Scooters store of Morisson. They had the chance to discover from their own eyes the real ancestor of the Django : the S55. It is specificaly on this scooter model that 2 adventurous militaries from the French marine drove from Saigon (Vietnam) to Paris 60 years ago. A story which inspired the 1st edition of the Django Adventure 2016.

Then Clémence and Lisa pushed their way until Biarritz where they had the opportunity to meet Arnaud, the artist who designed the magnificent hand-made helmets they are wearing all along the adventure. They also shared their passion for road-trips with the community of the S55 lovers who was waiting for them. Finally, Clémence and Lisa could not leave Biarritz without a dinner out at the famous …Les Baigneuses restaurant


On their way to pamplune the Django Adventurers got some rest for one night at the charming hotel Aux Arènes de Bayonne known for its humongous and delicious breakfast: a necessity more than a luxury to continue the road-trip of their lives. Always heading South, it is now time to cross the frontier and to step into Spain to enjoy the fabulous sunny roads of the country. Clémence and Lisa started their journey into Spain by stopping in a typical village to get fresh drinks needed to reach the city of Pampelune.


The sun was there to welcome Clémence and Lisa in Spain when they woke up from this first night in the country. The Spanish tempo is a new feeling that they experience with enthusiasm. They decided to slow down their speed to take advantage of the region’s secrets. They ended their day at the Muga De Beloso Hotel acknowledged all over the world for its unique modern architecture.


Following a full & fresh breakfast, our two travelers took the direction of the natural parc of Bardenas with both their Django. Following a few stops to admire the beautiful desert, Clémence and Lisa took again the road to reach Corella. Once they arrived in this elegant village, the two girls took the liberty to treat themselves with fresh drinks by the side of the famous San Miguel church acknowledged for its storks building large nests on top of its bell tower


Before leaving Corella, Clémence and Lisa took the time to walk through the streets of the city. The fresh morning made them feel great before battling with the heat of the road. Once they reached Soria, they met straight away with an amazing Spanish woman who offered them the beauty of her powerful voice. A true live and local concert!


After greetings their Spanish hosts, Clémence and Lisa jumped back on their scooters to ride until the charming village of Siguënza. They spent the afternoon discovering Siguëza and enjoying sun breaks. They also visited the Castilla Castle to admire the sunset.


Our two Django Adventurers woke up with a smile to finish the second stage to the trip. Let’s ride to Madrid along with their Django Scooters. Madrid is hot, but this vibrant city feels good and seems like waking Clémence and Lisa up from a long road-journey. They stopped by a typical regional restaurant to taste famous tapas. They did not hesitate to stay awake late to take advantage of this great night experience!


Their first day into the Spanish capital started with a press conference in the famous travel agency Pangea known for being one the largest in the world. Clémence and Lisa answered to all journalist’s questions. This morning ended with an aperitif organized by the very friendly agency where they shared with everyone the story of their road-trip. In the afternoon they took time to walk through Madrid and especially the Park Del Ben Retiro where they met with locals who were amazed to learn about their adventure.


For their second day in Madrid, they took time to fix and take care of their Django scooters. They brought the vehicles to the expert mecanic of Peugeot to have them fully checked. Once this check up was done; they started again their adventure still on the beautiful roads of Spain, and soon the ones of Marocco. But for the moment it is still time to enjoy Madrid, its vibrant streets, its food, and the smiles of the Spanish people. Exploring is part of this extraordinary adventure and Clémence and Lisa would not miss it at any cost! They had again original gastronomical experiences in different hideaway places recommended by locals. What a day in Madrid !

The Team

Stay for being but travel for existing. When you begin to taste travelling, it's then difficult to live without.... I cannot stop travelling, sharing my passion, and maybe to show you off ! With my travel copilot Lisa, we have an evident complicity. With our infectious laugh, there is no chance you will get bored.

Heading the way, backpack strapped to the trunk bag, camera ready to shoot, with my forever copilot ? Hell Yeah ! LET'S RIDE !.

Interactive Road Map

Follow their road trips day by day and discover with them the most beautiful roads of France, Spain and Morocco.

"In order to elicit emotion and nostalgia, we wanted to design a compelling vehicle that drew its aesthetics from within the history of the legendary Peugeot brand. The S55, the first "Lion" scooter in 1954, and the 402 Darl'Mat in 1937 have strongly guided us from the trace of the curves to colour palette. The different shades of colour and and vintage feel were inspired by the French style of life in the 50's and 60's." DIDIER ROZE, Design Manager

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