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Web serie Episode 3

Live their adventure between Madrid and Grenade


28th MAY : Madrid - Consegruea

It is with a fresh breeze from the center of Spain that our two adventurers took the road to their great adventure. Clémence and Lisa took the road in the direction of Consuegra which would be the first stop of their 3rd trip stage. Our two lovely riders had the opportunity to stop in the charming Spanish hotel: La vida de Antes .The generosity and beauty of the place is similar to the one of their guests. Before going to bed, Clémence and Lisa had the opportunity to follow the footsteps of Don Quixote of La Mancha on the mythical windmill road near Toledo. A sumptuous landscape for the delight of our journalists. This was also the opportunity for our two sparkling adventurers to make new friends! A tourist group very attracted by the vintage vehicle warmly approached Clémence and Lisa to get to know more and learn more about their adventure.


After a sweet night and a rich breakfast, Clemence and Lisa resumed their faithful companion to continue their journey. It is with good humor and laughter that the road continues, until a small village where they decided to stop for lunch. Lisa and Clémence finally took the road for Manzanares under an insistent sun. But nothing stops Clemence and Lisa not even the exhausting heat. The opportunity for them to make a few stops in the fields they find along the road and enjoy these moments of calm. Once they arrived in Manzanares, they met the fabulous hosts of the hotel El Cruce who was waiting for them. Between laughter and anecdotes, they really enjoyed their time together. And it is on the wise advice of their host that our journalists left to visit the best corners of this small town and in particular the unavoidable parish church of Notre Dame de l'Ascension.


Again the awakening was sweet and restful for our adventurers. They took advantage of their free day to visit the medieval castle of Manzanares, a city renowned for the most beautiful national parks in Spain. A new opportunity for Clémence and Lisa to get to know the locals better. The ambiance and authenticity that emanates from this city bring the girls to enjoy the laughter and the welcome of the premises, the sun.


Well rested and reinvigorated, Clémence and Lisa continue their adventure on the handlebars of their Peugeot scooters. Direction Santa Elena. A road very appreciated by our riders for the richness of its vines and the sound of the locusts. It was after a few hours of driving that the girls stopped in the beautiful and fascinating village of Santa Elena. This village lost in the hills has nothing to envy to the big cities thanks to the charm that emanates from the place. It was at the El Meson Despenaperros hotel that they had the chance to spend their end of the day again with their host. Laughter and gastronomy in Spain.


The departure of Santa Elena is done again with the smile on our two riders faces and their good humor. On the road, Clémence and Lisa met a charming French couple, also partly adventurous. It was with them and their adorable little boy that the girls shared their lunch. A few laughs and a nap later, Clemence and Lisa take the road again for the picturesque and typical city of Jaen. It is in this first Andalusian city that the girls are welcomed by a guide of the tourist agency of Andalusia to make them discover the city. Before going to dinner, our adventurers had the opportunity to discover the streets of Jaén and the magnificent church of Saint-Jean-Baptiste-de-Belleville. The evening ends at the Dixtinto Gastro Arrocería, a restaurant with atypical dishes overflowing with flavor.


In the early morning, Clémence and Lisa took the direction of Granada, the end of their 3rd trip stage. A long but beautiful road, that the girls knew how to savor riding the handlebars of their Peugeot Django Scooters. The road is long but magnificent. Between hills, our journalists spot a black vulture stolen over the fields. Once they reached Granada, the luxurious Hotel Carmen was just waiting to welcome them: the perfect opportunity for Clémence and Lisa to be pampered and enjoy the location of the hotel enjoying the life of the surroundings.


After a restful sleep, Clémence and Lisa set out to discover Granada, the capital of the last Muslim kingdom of the Iberian Peninsula, with their guide. They started with the popular neighborhoods to land at the Estrellas de San Nicolas restaurant and to eat their lunch there. In the afternoon, they would visit the famous Granada Science Park, a planetarium, an observatory and an interactive museum. One of the most renowned parks in Spain and recognized throughout Europe.


The visit of Granada continues the next day with the visit of the Alhambra. The most majestic medieval Acropolis in the Mediterranean world, this Arab fortress, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, charmed our two sparkling journalists. The arabesques, the gardens and the fountains enchanted Clemence and Lisa. Guided by their guide, the girls decrypted all the mysteries surrounding this place of worship. A 3rd trip stage that ended in beauty under the sunset from the gardens of the Alhambra. An adventure that Clemence and Lisa are not ready to forget and that is far from being over. Follow their adventure, they are counting on you!

The Team

Stay for being but travel for existing. When you begin to taste travelling, it's then difficult to live without.... I cannot stop travelling, sharing my passion, and maybe to show you off ! With my travel copilot Lisa, we have an evident complicity. With our infectious laugh, there is no chance you will get bored.

Heading the way, backpack strapped to the trunk bag, camera ready to shoot, with my forever copilot ? Hell Yeah ! LET'S RIDE !.

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Follow their road trips day by day and discover with them the most beautiful roads of France, Spain and Morocco.

"In order to elicit emotion and nostalgia, we wanted to design a compelling vehicle that drew its aesthetics from within the history of the legendary Peugeot brand. The S55, the first "Lion" scooter in 1954, and the 402 Darl'Mat in 1937 have strongly guided us from the trace of the curves to colour palette. The different shades of colour and and vintage feel were inspired by the French style of life in the 50's and 60's." DIDIER ROZE, Design Manager

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