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Web serie Episode 4

Live their adventure between Grenade and Tanger



Their 3rd stage of the Django Adventure is about to end in the famous city of Granada and in the hotel Carmen. The next step will be to take the direction of Lanjaron: a beautiful little town lost in the mountains. It was in the company of their guide that Clemence and Lisa discovered this wonderful village before going for lunch at the Alcadima, where typical Spanish dishes awaited our two adventurers. The day continued with the visit of a fruit production which left them a pleasant sweet and exotic taste in their mouth. To finish their journey, Clémence and Lisa took over their Django and rid from the intertwined roads of Lanjaron until the coastal town of Salobrena. Nice little town where they met Juan Carlos exotic organic fruit growers who profits from a micro climate to cultivate these fruits the same way as in South America.


It was early in the morning when they left to continue their road-trip along the Andalusian coast to reach Malaga. It was also with their new Andalusian guide : Juan Antonio that they went to visit the city and its famous places during 3 days. They then discovered the mythical Automobile Museum of Malaga and the famous restaurant El Pimpi where they once again had the chance to taste the local specialties. They also took the opportunity to meet Rafat of Peugeot scooters while their Django were pampered at Antonio Navarro. Clemence and Lisa did not forget of course to enjoy a bit of shopping time in the city !


After a good night's sleep, Clemence and Lisa went out to explore this cosmopolitan city in more detail. They took a tour of the Atarazanas market with their guide to visit this exceptional place of life. Protected by a huge canopy, our adventurers had time to choose which stall to enjoy tapas and lunch. Once satisfied, Clémence and Lisa left with their Django accompanied by their guide to visit the castle of Gibralfaro, a 14th century Andalusian fortress. Following this walk, it was time to visit the Pompidou Museum that with its amazing piece of art. The day ended with a visit to the town hall Miramar, a building with typical Andalusian architecture before going to see a flamenco dance show.


Well rested after these few days of discovery, Clémence and Lisa left Malaga in the direction of the crazy city of Marbella! It was the opportunity on the road to profit from a beach restaurant to taste the famous sardines grilled in the Andalusian way. After strolling through the city in the afternoon, our journalists completed their day with a bio yoga session organized by the Marbella Height Hotel in the upper part of the city. A surprising experience that allowed the girls to re-energize for the continuation of their adventure.


In the direction of their last city before their departure for Morocco, they had the opportunity to stop in Puerto Banus the local Saint Tropez and they enjoyed its festive atmosphere. Once they arrived at their last Spanish stage, Algeciras, our two riders took advantage one last time of the local delights before tasting those of Morocco. A day that ended early to rest before their great adventure crossing the Mediterranean see towards the arid sun of Morocco


In the early morning, it was on the port of Algéciras that their ferry was waiting for Morocco! It took 2 hours of crossing with their Django, punctuated of beautiful encounters, especially with a warm Franco-Moroccan family. Once arrived in Morocco, Clémence and Lisa were able to visit one of the partners of the adventure: BMCI to recover Crédito, their mascot of this Moroccan stage. They then rushed to take a Moroccan tea on a terrace with a superb view on the beach of Tangier. A well-deserved rest awaited them in their sumptuous hotel, the Mnar Castle.


The night was restful for our two adventurers and after a rich breakfast, Clémence and Lisa left to discover the medina of Tangier. This dynamic and warm place allowed our reporters to become acclimated to this new atmosphere and to meet new people as usual. The day continues with a stroll on Achakar beach before returning to the Mnar Castle to rest and enjoy the stunning views from the pool.


For their 3rd day in Tangier, the girls decided to return to visit the medina of Tangier with these innumerable alleys and traders. Scooters have once again been the center of attention thanks to their vintage design and their bi color side. In the afternoon, Clémence and Lisa will walk around the famous Cap Spartel. This afternoon ended around a famous mint tea and always in a place with an amazing view to lose nothing of the spectacle that offers the sea. Our two riders have taste 😊! A beautiful day which ended as usual around local food specialties to acclimate the journey that await them on the Atlantic coast of Morocco. A new country, for a new stage, for new adventures!

The Team

Stay for being but travel for existing. When you begin to taste travelling, it's then difficult to live without.... I cannot stop travelling, sharing my passion, and maybe to show you off ! With my travel copilot Lisa, we have an evident complicity. With our infectious laugh, there is no chance you will get bored.

Heading the way, backpack strapped to the trunk bag, camera ready to shoot, with my forever copilot ? Hell Yeah ! LET'S RIDE !.

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Follow their road trips day by day and discover with them the most beautiful roads of France, Spain and Morocco.

"In order to elicit emotion and nostalgia, we wanted to design a compelling vehicle that drew its aesthetics from within the history of the legendary Peugeot brand. The S55, the first "Lion" scooter in 1954, and the 402 Darl'Mat in 1937 have strongly guided us from the trace of the curves to colour palette. The different shades of colour and and vintage feel were inspired by the French style of life in the 50's and 60's." DIDIER ROZE, Design Manager

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