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Web serie Episode 5

Live their adventure between Tanger and Casablanca



The adventure goes on for Clémence and Lisa! They continued their incredible journey in the direction of Larache. It’s on the way to this region that they had the chance to discover the mythic archaeological site of Lixus. Lixus is an ancient city founded by the Phoenicians in the seventh century BC. One of the oldest sites in North Africa. This ancient city hides many surprises and surprising vestiges. A beautiful discovery enriched through their guide which allowed them to learn more about the history of Morocco. The road then continued to Ksar El Kebir, the most populous city in the Larache region and the oldest citadel in Morocco. After this visit, the girls left for Larache. On the menu : relaxation and visit of the Church of Pilar. It’s in their charming Spanish-Moroccan hotel that Clémence and Lisa have had the chance to stay and enjoy a view overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.La maison haute


It was early in the morning when Clemence and Lisa took the handlebars of their scooters : their Django to continue their long journey to the south of Morocco. After a few hours of travel, our adventurers arrived at their destination, ready to discover the famous beach of Médhia and to refresh themselves. This was also the opportunity for them to make a stop on the site of Mehdia and admire an ancient Kasbah. This residence allowed the merchants and caravanners to be able to spend the night safely during passage in Kenitra. Then, on the site, they continued their cultural visit to Thamusida, an ancient Roman settlement located a few kilometers from Kenitra. A new day full of discovery.


Well rested, Our two riders headed towards the Moroccan capital ! After crossing the forest Maâmora, they finally arrived in Rabat: the luxuriant and jovial capital of Morocco. It’s at Villa Mandarine, a charming guest house with a thousand colors that Clémence and Lisa deposited their Django and their travel bag. Lunch is over, our adventurers have gone to discover the capital and started with the Chellah, a medieval Muslim necropolis renowned for stork nests nestled in the ruins. A place full of history and where the vestiges of the past are still present. A beautiful visit that our adventurers have enjoyed at sunset and which ended in their pleasant and relaxing guest house.


A new day of discovery in the heart of Rabat is promised to our two riders. Starting with the medina, they merged into the crowd to admire the displays of merchants. But what would be a trip to Rabat without going through the world-famous Hassan II tower, constituting the minaret of an unfinished XII century mosque. The visit continued through the mausoleum of Mohammed V, with the sumptuous tomb of King Mohammed V and his sons, Prince Moulay Abdallah and King Hassan II. After extensive visits and a nice meal, it was on the beach that the girls went for a walk. Always as curious and in search of new things to discover, they had the opportunity to stroll through the alleys of the Kasbah of the Oudayas and thus admire the view that emerges on the ocean. It was then at the Café des Maures that the girls stopped for tea and Moroccan pastries. This place was both a pleasure for their taste buds and for their eyes thanks to its view on the sea. Their walk ended at the exotic garden full of plants and flowers each one of them more magnificent than the others. This sweet day ended once again at the famous Villa Mandarine where it feels so good to relax.


Today is the great departure for the last city of their 5th stage: Casablanca. This city is a major pole for the economy of the region thanks to its port and its proximity with the western countries. But the city also has many assets that Clémence and Lisa have had the opportunity to discover. As soon as they arrived in Casablanca, the girls were warmly welcomed and escorted by the Miss Moto Maroc association of the ISCAE. A beautiful association that gathers all the enthusiasts and adepts of motorcycle "big displaced" and takes care of organizing various social, cultural and leisure events. It was a nice meeting between their association and our two adventurers. The bikers joined them and escorted them to the store Motomania. Then they met Zineb the marketing manager Motomania who was about to follow Clemence and Lisa on a part of their last stage. A day full of emotion that pleased our two adventurers.


This is a beautiful day coming ahead with Zineb who will make them discover the beautiful city of Casablanca. The day began with a visit to the famous Hassan II mosque, renowned for its highest minaret in Morocco and until the 13th century as the tallest in the world. A beautiful new morning which ended with a lunch in the medina of Casablanca. After a hearty meal, Zineb and the girls stroll along the corniche of Casablanca, along the sea on a majestic promenade. A path that leads them to the Houbouss district ("Habou"), this district created in the 20th century especially for a French population. They discovered the traditional style of the medina which has typically French architectural details. This was a walk that was very pleasant for our 3 friends. It was at Otmane that Clemence and Lisa then had the chance to spend the Ftour with her family..


This is the last day of their ultimate stage which begins on the United Nations square for a photo in front of the headquarters of one of the partners of the BMCI adventure. Then followed a Facebook Live where the adventurers were interviewed and answered the numerous questions of the Net surfers on their incredible roadtrip of more than 4 000 km in Django Peugeot. A conference organized by BMCI on the theme of the transcendence of the self, the openness, the cultural approach of this trip and the sharing of experience. A great way for our adventurers to count their adventure and share their experience. After a well-deserved lunch break, Zineb was able to join them for a walk in the medina. A new press conference organized by Peugeot scooters awaited them at the end of the day. They were pleasantly surprised by the number of journalists which attended this event. It was also a new opportunity to share the experience with them. Clémence and Lisa enjoyed the interviews and questions / answers of their colleagues. A new and enriching day to conclude the end of this 5th stage..

The Team

Stay for being but travel for existing. When you begin to taste travelling, it's then difficult to live without.... I cannot stop travelling, sharing my passion, and maybe to show you off ! With my travel copilot Lisa, we have an evident complicity. With our infectious laugh, there is no chance you will get bored.

Heading the way, backpack strapped to the trunk bag, camera ready to shoot, with my forever copilot ? Hell Yeah ! LET'S RIDE !.

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Follow their road trips day by day and discover with them the most beautiful roads of France, Spain and Morocco.

"In order to elicit emotion and nostalgia, we wanted to design a compelling vehicle that drew its aesthetics from within the history of the legendary Peugeot brand. The S55, the first "Lion" scooter in 1954, and the 402 Darl'Mat in 1937 have strongly guided us from the trace of the curves to colour palette. The different shades of colour and and vintage feel were inspired by the French style of life in the 50's and 60's." DIDIER ROZE, Design Manager

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