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Live their adventure between Paris and Bordeaux



On Thursday the 11th of May, our two charming adventurers, Clémence and Lisa, jumped into the second edition of the Django Adventure : A 50 day journey riding their mythic Django scooters. They left behind the Parisian capital for a 3000 km road-trip, during which they will take the time to tame their new rolling friends : The Django.

From beautiful French roads until the arid coastal Moroccan ones, going through hot paths of Spain, nothing will stop them! The departure will take place at the Salon de l’Aventure Peugeot, located Avenue de la Grande Armée, Paris, in the presence of the partners of the adventure, journalists and relatives of both our heroines. The sun was starting to shine on Paris when they started their vehicles to target their first step : the mythic oenological city of Bordeaux. For their first night they stopped in Sologne, a region of France known for hunting and its lakes. They had the opportunity to sleep in a very atypical hotel : "Gites Insolites de Sologne"made-out of see-through “bubbles” set up in the forest. When sleeping there you have the chance to be as near as possible to nature, experiencing its noise and smell during the night. Unfortunately a storm came this night and Clemence and Lisa spent the night in a wood hut where the view on the forest was definitely not that bad !

12th of May : Sologne to Bordeaux

Clemence and Lisa could not have reached Bordeaux Paris without discovering the beautiful “Castle Road” of the Chateaux de la Loire. They even stopped to visit the most famous one, the Château de "Chambord ". This castle cannot be missed, it is famous for its 282 Chimneys, its 800 hand-sculpted roof-capitals. Right after this fabulous visit they went back on the road to reach Tours. In this city the girls met with one of the Adventure partners, April Moto This insurance company insures the whole Django Adventure trip, making sure that the girls will reach Morocco safely.Then our Riders passed by Château du Vau, A beautiful family house of Tours. This authentic house of the XVIIIth century reflects perfectly the personality of their owners being as warm as it is friendly and welcoming !


The Adventure goes on ! After a full breakfast, Clémence and Lisa went at full speed with their scooter to Poitiers. The sun was shining making the ride very enjoyable. At Poitier, Clémence and Lisa stayed at "Parc de la Belle". This very original hotel is made from wood huts in the trees. They had the chance to experience sleeping 10 meters from the ground ! The breakfast had to be sent to them with a rope…


Early morning Clémence and Lisa rushed to the famous park of Poitiers known for its monkeys : A must-do ! Time to go back on track to reach Cognac known for its famous liquor named after the city. In Cognac the adventurers stayed at "la Villa Claude", a beautiful historical house re-decorated in the Art-Deco style.


Waking up in Cognac is always a pleasure, especially when the sun is shining and you know that you are going to discover beautiful things and meet beautiful people. After spending time with their hosts who showed them around the property they headed to the vineyards of Cognac where a meeting was set with a local winegrower to show them the Cognac distillery at "Chateau de Beaulon" . What a beautiful experience to learn about Cognac’s secret by the side of such an expert, tasting the precious liquor right at its fabrication place !


In Bordeaux Clémence and Lisa stayed at the sumptuous hotel "La maison Bord’eaux", then they went to meet Sam, the very first participant of the Django Adventure last year 2016, a road trip from Paris to Saigon (Vietnam) on the mythic Django Scooters ! The day continued with a visit of the city, its parks and its architectures. To freshen up their mouth the adventurers discovered one the best cocktail bars of Bordeaux : "Le Taquin". They learned from the barmaid how to make cocktail (with no alcohol of course). The degustation in the sun was very pleasant and made them hungry… Time to experience the famous "Tupina restaurant". Clémence and Lisa discovered the refined gastronomy of Bordeaux. Their first step was done, it is now time to head to Madrid, the Spanish capital !

The Team

Stay for being but travel for existing. When you begin to taste travelling, it's then difficult to live without.... I cannot stop travelling, sharing my passion, and maybe to show you off ! With my travel copilot Lisa, we have an evident complicity. With our infectious laugh, there is no chance you will get bored.

Heading the way, backpack strapped to the trunk bag, camera ready to shoot, with my forever copilot ? Hell Yeah ! LET'S RIDE !.

Interactive Road Map

Follow their road trips day by day and discover with them the most beautiful roads of France, Spain and Morocco.

"In order to elicit emotion and nostalgia, we wanted to design a compelling vehicle that drew its aesthetics from within the history of the legendary Peugeot brand. The S55, the first "Lion" scooter in 1954, and the 402 Darl'Mat in 1937 have strongly guided us from the trace of the curves to colour palette. The different shades of colour and and vintage feel were inspired by the French style of life in the 50's and 60's." DIDIER ROZE, Design Manager

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